Secondary reflection


  • Source: Doing Philosophy by Dr. Angeles; [[ 2021-04-29 ]]
  • Keywords: permanent notes
    • #philosophy #metaphysics #life #personaldevelopment
  • Relevant Notes:
  • puts together what has been broken apart; locates it in the bigger scheme of things
  • E.g. experiences:
    • boy makes me feel special by paying attention to me
    • figuring out why I dislike a person
    • feeling of peace after resolving a personal crisis
    • warm feeling of belonging when I’m surrounded by family
  • In these moments:
    • feel a strong sense of SELF
    • but cannot capture and describe in same degree that I capture my gender and religion
    • Di ko lubusang mahawakan pero ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagka-AKO
    • Tumitingkad ang pagka-AKO sa pakikipagkapwa-tao
    • I-subject emerges ONLY in relation to others
  • So what is the total I?
    • Secondary reflection: I am the I that emerges in my many relations with others ==(Communion)==

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