Resisting makes us creative


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  • By making us more attentive.
    • Attentiveness that does not assume that there is something ‘new’ to be seen
    • Instead, it’s deeply attuned to what we were too distracted to notice in the first place
  • By making us more open.
    • True openness rejects the feeling that we as individuals, with our own abilities, are enough
    • It rejects the belief that observations alone in any moment are finished
    • It rejects the eagerness to dispose the ideas the reveal themselves to us
  • By making us less about the “next big thing”.
    • It encourages us to do the same things all over again, but that’s okay
    • Creativity = revising, recooping, regenerating
  • By making us protective of time and space.
    • Resisting the ways the world can distract us and clutter our mind
    • Add to Cathexis 5
  • By making us more receptive.
    • Culturally, we’re trained to analyze and judge too quickly, way too often. Resist against this!
  • By allowing us to participate in collective imagination and collaboration.
    • NOT machinations of individual genius
    • NOT acting like self-sufficient lone wolves
  • By encouraging us to view everyone —ourselves included— as diffabled.
  • By encouraging us to do more of nothing.
    • More waiting > always looking for
  • Why You Should ‘Do Nothing’ in a World of Addictive Tech

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