Popular education


  • Source: Design Justice - Book
  • Keywords: permanent notes
  • Relevant Notes:
    • Education lives within a system of domination and liberation
    • Problem-based learning
    • Praxis
    • The goal of education is transformation


      Pedagogies of Design justice must be based on this.

      Key Principles

      1. Education is never neutral: “it either maintains the current system of domination, or it is designed to liberate people;””
      2. Relevance: “Pop Ed engages with issues that people care deeply about;”
      3. Problem-posing: “all participants have the capacity to think, question, and act, and Pop Ed is about identifying the root causes of problems that people want to change;”
      4. Dialogue: “no one knows everything, but together we know a lot, if we listen to each other;”
      5. Praxis: “real learning takes places through the cycle of reflection and action to transform the world;”
      6. Transformation: “Pop Ed is about engaging communities to transform individuals, communities, the environment, and the broader society.10”

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