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  • context collapse is the standardization of all events to fit in one generic timeline. Other definitions: ==flattening== multiple audiences into a single context, or multiple audiences revolve around singular communicative acts….etc. Basically lack of perspective. See Julie Zhou’s Looking Glass.

    the ==standardization== of all events, no matter how big or small, delightful or traumatic, to fit the same mashed-together timeline.

  • Questions to consider when dealing with social media: (related to Everyone always acts in accordance with their internal narratives)
    • What would this platform look like with a re-established perspective?
    • Consider if the news matters to you and your community

      First, what would it look like for a social media platform to ==re-establish perspective?== To attenuate the strength of signals over distance—not geographic distance, necessarily, but other kinds? (This is obviously related to my broad interest in adding more negative feedback to these platforms.) Second, in the absence of any such attenuation, I think a practical and healthy thing that any user of social media can do when confronted with a free-floating cube of news is ask: ==how big is this, really? Does it matter to me and my community? Does it, in fact, matter anywhere except the particular place it happened?==

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