long tail


  • Source: [[ Seth Godin ]]; This is Marketing - Book
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  • Definition: the portion of the distribution having many occurrences far from the “head” or central part of the distribution.
  • a business strategy that allows companies to realize significant profits by ==selling low volumes of hard-to-find items to many customers,== instead of only selling large volumes of a reduced number of popular items.
  • Applications
    • niche marketing
  • Media fragmentation: smaller audiences are consuming broad-market media and that more and more consumers are receiving their information from niche sources
  • To target the long tail, you must create something ==extraordinary== for the market that ==connects== with them. This shows them that you’re in the short head.
  • This means that living on the long tail has two essential elements: Creates the definitive, the most essential, the extraordinary contribution to the field. Connects the market you’ve designed it for, and helps them see that you belong in the short head. That this hit is the glue that holds them together.

  • You don’t get discovered through the Internet alone, but through the ==impact you make uniting the people you serve.==
    • Yes, the internet is a discovery tool. But no, you’re not going to get discovered that way. Instead, you will make your impact by uniting those you seek to serve.




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