God is an artist


  • Source: [[ John Mark Comer ]]; Garden City - Book
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    As people made in his image — all work is artistic. All work is inherently creative. All work — from painting to parenting — is reshaping the raw materials of Planet Earth in such a way that it’s how God intended, how it’s supposed to be, all so humans can thrive as they see God’s glory.

  • God’s glory is about ==presence and beauty.==

    The idea behind kavod is God’s significance . He’s weighty, as in important . There’s something about this God that we need to stand in awe of. And all through the Scriptures, God’s glory is about two things: Presence and beauty.

    God’s kavod here isn’t his fame; it’s his presence — the fact that he was there , not far away, but close. Heav- en and earth were wed, if only for a moment. And it’s his beauty — this staggering sense of how good he really is.

  • ==We are God’s partners in creation.==

    As people made in God’s image, we can join him in this ongoing creative work. As his partners, we can re- shape the raw materials of his world in such a way that people see the beauty behind the beauty.

    “Good design is putting our best forward; it is working hard to bring beauty into the world. When I see something that is brilliant it wrecks me in the best sort of way. I am also constantly returning to this idea that we were created with the ability to create and that makes our God the most generous of all. I’m humbled after I complete every new project, and as I stand there with a big silly grin on my face, I feel his presence and approval.”

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