Fear of Being Ordinary


If FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, is the basic fear exploited by third parties that want to drown you in information, the basic fear exploited by people telling you to unplug and retreat is ==FOBO: Fear Of Being Ordinary.==

Waldenponding, I strongly suspect, is ==driven more by FOBO and ego-attachment== than by any real fear of having your mind, productive potential, and rewards destroyed by “hacked attention.”

  • Back in a pre-digital world, attention was originally hacked by powerful religious leaders who’d tell people to unplug from information flows, giving them power as a result.

==the original attention hack: powerful religious leaders== telling smart people to check out and unplug from information flows. That way, they get the power

This game is based on the opposite fear to FOMO which I call FOBO. If FOMO is Fear of Missing Out, FOBO is Fear Of Being Ordinary.

  • The heart of this is that we are in the Global Social Computer in the Cloud (GSCITC). See Breaking Smart - Literature Notes for more details.
    • We just don’t want to be another component of the GSCTIC; our efforts aren’t recognized even if they contribute to the system

This is the heart of FOBO. Fear of Being Ordinary. ==Fear of being just another entangled particle in the GSCITC.== Fear of your ego dissolving into the collective ego. Fear of having “nothing to show” for playing a part, despite it being sustainable.

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