Digital learning exacerbates and reproduces inequality


  • Source: Design Justice - Book
  • Keywords: permanent notes
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  • Many of the most visible for-profit coding schools and boot camps are ==expensive, inaccessible, and have dubious placement outcomes.==
  • Digital learning among young people remains ==structured== by race, class, and gender.
  • Study of digital learning by education researchers Mimi Ito and Justin Reich:
    • Digital learning technologies such as MOOCs and online courses, in-school computing classes, and other interventions ==actually exacerbate inequalities in learning outcomes== between low-income and wealthier students, between students of color and white students, and between male and female students.
    • The use of digital technology in education often ==unintentionally reproduces inequality==, in large part due to “institutionalized and unconscious bias and social distance between developers and those they seek to serve.”

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