Consistently approach the universe


==To live richly is to trust your soul to the universe at large, and the experiences it offers that we build technology to access more of.== The opposite of keeping your soul in a known safe space is constantly looking for signs of it in the ==stream of experiences that constitute life itself,== and ==digital life== is a particularly rich new part of that stream. Our challenge is not to keep returning to a sense of the sacred in the same predictable place, but to ==keep rediscovering that predictable sense of the sacred in new places.==

  • The only way to enrich your soul is to consistently approach the universe instead of retreating from it
    • Waldenponding is the opposite of this; if we stay safe, nothinng will happen to us

if you ==consistently approach rather than retreat from the universe,== soul-enriching stuff will dominate.

If you waldenpond…then nothing will happen

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