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Tags are a tricky thing

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

My “Fluid Dynamics” teacher Mr. Mullen always said these zany zingers in his one-of-a-kind (is-he-serious?) folksy accent.

One day, we were doing experiments with water flowing down a channel, where we could alter a few of the variables to see what would happen. It turns out that water can behave one way in one environment, but then when that environment barely changes, the water can suddenly change its behavior in radically surprising ways.

So Mr. Mullen pulled out another one of his zingers…

“Water’s a tricky thing… If anyone tells you they completely understand the physics of water, that’s when you know they don’t.”

The point here is that no one really knows the whole story when it comes to tags. But when somebody is confidently saying you should use tags exactly the way they do, that’s when you know they don’t really know the whole story.

Because just like water, tags are a tricky thing…