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LYT 10 - Super Session 4

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

Atlas/Maps/LYT 10 MOC

# Exercise 4

Which of the sensemaking workflows resonates the most with you? Why?

I’ve been using Obsidian as my PKM since 2020, so it’s been interesting seeing how my sensemaking workflow has developed over time. At first, I was doing a Highlights to Insights workflow since I was trying the Zettlekasten approach. While I still use this workflow whenever I’m in the research stage of writing something, it became quite unsustainable for me over time (I’m planning to integrate Readwise with my Obsidian soon, though, so let’s see if that helps). Right now, I’d say that the sensemaking workflows that resonate the most with me is The Daily Spark (no Weekly Arc), since I do most of my note-taking in Daily Notes. But after LYT, I think I’ll start doing Note-making and Note-mapping more; this way, I’ll be able to draw insights out of my notes instead of clumping everything into long documents.