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4b3 - Build your home

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

When it comes to feeling grounded, it’s just like what Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz: 

“There’s no place like home.”

This is even truer in our digital spaces because it’s even easier to become lost…and confused…and overwhelmed.

That’s why your home note is your most important note, even if you don’t always return to it. Your home note remains a reliable place to hold the most important landmarks in your knowledge management efforts.

The home note isn’t just a higher-order note; it’s a time machine. It goes backwards and forwards…

…giving you access to the past ⬅️
…grounding you in the present ⬇️
…launching you into the future ➡️

Let’s build your home note now…

It takes time to build your home note. Because building it makes us ask the big question: 

What is my relationship to knowledge?

Hopefully, this lesson helped you clarify that ever-changing question.

Personal notes:

# Exercise