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2a4 - The compound effects of note-taking

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

In response to the Information Age, we have a choice: 

**You have a choice..
**Everything in this workshop is about WAKING US UP TO RECOGNIZE WE HAVE A CHOICE.

So, how do we fully disentangle from the first path, so we can fully habitualize the second path? By continuing to ask probing questions:

In the following two lessons, we will explore these questions through the lens of two different methods of “managing knowledge”:

  1. Passive thinking activities (chronic note-taking)
  2. Active thinking activities (note-making)

The first method builds a noisy, unsustainable PKM system. Let’s explore that method first…

This first lesson will make the argument that spending time practicing the most common thinking methods actually creates little value. Even worse, it produces harmful side effects and takes away time that could be spent in far better ways.

# The Compound Effects of Note-Taking

# What does the research say?

On your first reading of something, you extract a lot of understanding. But when you do the second reading, you read with a sense of “I know this, I know this.”…and it’s insidious, because this gives you the illusion that you know the material very well, when in fact there are gaps. — Mark McDaniel, co-author of Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning¹

It may help…when texts are difficult, but it may actually hurt performance on higher-level tasks that require inference making.

# Multi-step techniques

# Over-collecting

It’s not about how to drink from the firehose 1% better; it’s about putting the damn hose down, taking a breath, and developing a healthy relationship to Knowledge.

# Under-thinking by over-summarizing

# Reduced quality thinking and unique output

Your best thinking is when you are engaged in the material you encounter, relating it to other things, and finding your unique perspective amongst it all.

# Considering time value

Instead of re-highlighting this material, why not start developing something with it?
Instead of deferring my best thinking, why not start doing my best thinking?