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1b3 - Scaling zettlekasten

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

Atlas/Maps/LYT 10 MOC

While the Zettelkasten Method has given us the power to make fastatomic, and linked notes, ==it doesn’t naturally give us enough structure.== It only links directly from note to note. It doesn’t provide a way to view our notes from a higher level. 

That’s a problem that ==higher-order notes== elegantly solve. And the side-effects of using higher-order notes are actually even more exciting and powerful! 

Higher-order notes not only allow you to structure your notes, they force you to develop them!

Please repeat that.

Once we realize that there are basic notes, and then there are higher-order notes, we can begin to discover underlying patterns inherent in our link-based notes. If we understand this, we can masterfully manage and grow our link-based knowledge.