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1b1 - The rigidity of a system with only folders

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

Atlas/Maps/LYT 10 MOC

Let’s call that our traditional folder-only approach to file management. In terms of Systems, we can classify it as rigid, linear, and top-down.

In the past, it’s worked well enough for us. Probably because “everything is in exactly one place”. But this isn’t the kitchen we’re talking about. We’re talking about ideas. And ideas don’t want to be trapped in the silverware drawer. They can’t be! ==We can’t help but make random connections between ideas—because that’s closer to how our brains are wired. Not in rigid kitchen cabinets, but in complex networks.==

What about global search? The ability to search for a file without having to drill down into XYZ? Global search works well if you know exactly what you’re looking for. But in reality that’s more of a 50/50 coin flip isn’t it?

Just as often, you only have an inkling, a notion of the THING you’re looking for.

For these reasons—and more—there has been a recent rebellion against using folders. 

Let’s explore what that’s all about.