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Last updated Aug 15, 2023

# Contemporary Issues: Psychology and Personal Growth

#psychology #personaldevelopment

# Slavery and Freedom

# Journeys and Crossroads

** Magisterial Lectures | Roberto Conrado Guevara PhD - On Journeys & Crossroads: Reflections on Exodus

We end the different modules with the coming together of the personal and communal. In this video, Bobby Guevara talks about the concept of slavery and freedom from a personal stance. Think about how slavery and freedom applies to you and your personal development.

#religion #spirituality

Magisterial Lectures | Roberto Conrado Guevara Phd - On Journeys & Crossroads: Story of Our Lives

Slavery and Freedom Lecture

# Great Books

#IDS147 #literature

# I am where I am: Production, identity, fragmentation, alienation

# Hierarchies, production, inequalities, and the value of a person

#theory #history #capitalism

# Government systems and Marxist critique

# The accident of our birth and the conditioning of our lives

# The role of critique

# The twin concepts of fragmentation and alienation

# Reading “Brave new world”

Huxley’s novel is certainly a brave one! In this novel, we have the human relationship with production and order expressed in very literal ways. But, the orderliness of the brave new world of the novel has cracks, where problem areas show. As you read it, bear in mind these ideas:

# After having read “A Brave New World”

Are there similarities between Demian and A brave new world? What similarities do they offer in terms of