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Last updated Aug 15, 2023



# The Reflection Process

“Philosophy was a mode of existing-in-the-world,which had to be practiced at each instant, and the goal was to transform the whole of the individual’s life.” “Thus, philosophy was a ==way of life==, both in its exercise and effort to achieve wisdom, for real wisdom does not merely cause us to know:it makes us be in a different way.”

Pierre Hadot, Philosophy as a Way of Life

# Four Moments

  1. Experience
    1. our encounter with the moral theory. We approach the theory not as some abstractionism totally removed from our life but ==a truism that addresses us directly==.
  2. Significance
    1. The experience is evaluated in terms of its personal significance to us.
    2. We realize that the experience ==speaks to us directly about our own past incidents.==
    3. To reflect is to transform a common encounter into a ==personal experience==; ==experience is not what happens to us, it is what we do about what happens to us.==
    4. The significance of the experience varies for each of us because of our individual differences. Reflection is always personal.
  3. Insights 2. Reflection enables us to ==look back to a past incident in our life== because of the present experience. This experience provides a new light with which to view our past incident. 3. Through this backward glance, we gain an ==insight into our private life and into life in general== as we get to understand better or appreciate more deeply our past personal incident.
  4. Response
    1. Once we have learned a new insight we should strive to respond by way of a resolve.
    2. The reflection process culminates in the transformation of the insight ==from a lesson in the mind to a power in the will to renew our life. ==
    3. The last moment of the reflection serves the transformative nature of ethics.

TL;DR 1.Crystallize the experience: Identify a particular idea or teaching in the theory that appeals to you in a special way. 2. Highlight its significance: Recall a personal incident which the idea or teaching brings up. ==Let the experience happen to you, let it become your own.== 3. Draw an insight: Learn a lesson that will apply to your personal incident and which you can profit from. 4. Make a response: Resolve to do something good. Allow the insight to make a difference in your life.