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Last updated Aug 15, 2023

# October 8, 2020

# IDES 101.03

Sources/Information Architecture - Class

  1. What is the importance of empathy in Human-Centered Design Framework?
  2. This additional method of engaging with consumers found in your readings, has 5 factors that drive overall user experience. Understanding the 5 factors of a user in a structured way will give researchers a rich, deeper understanding of the experience of a that user. List 3 of those factors.
  3. What should you not include in your Personas? Why?

FOR 1.

FOR 2.

FOR 3. Do not include any personal information from research participants. The persona is supposed to be a representative user, and not a real person.

# SocSci

Sources/SocSci 12 - Class Globalization is an expression of modernity expanding. Kimura talks about three views about globalization: the externalist, the generative, and alternative. Explain the alternative.

  1. What is the alternative view? What are the core claims of this view?
  2. Present a case that illustrates this view of globalization eand explain how the alternative view is related to your case.

Alternative: the relationship of Asia Pacific and South Asia = regional alternative to globalization. Core claims:


How this view manifests: