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Last updated Aug 15, 2023

# September 15, 2020

# IDES 101.03

#design Sources/Information Architecture - Class

# Introduction to Information Architecture

# Definition and History

# What is Information?

During World War II, “information” was defined as a technological term to define anything that was sent over an electric or mechanical channel. This definition was extrapolated to general usage as something told or communicated, whether or not it made sense to the receiver.

# What is an Information Environment?

3 Elements:

  1. Content: information itself
  2. Consumer: interacts with content and operates under a context
  3. Context: circumstances of the situation and the environment
# Information Environments

# Content
# Consumer
# Context

# Information Environments + Information Architecture

Give an example of a flawed information environment that you have recently observed. Identify and describe the elements of the space, and recommend a way to make it better.

Guide Questions:

  1. What content is being presented in the environment?
  2. Is the environment digital or physical?
  3. What are the flaws of the space?
  4. What goals can you assume from the users of the space?
  5. What is are the probable circumstances of being in that space? What are possible constraints can be gleaned from the space?

One flawed information environment I’ve recently encountered is the Ateneo Integrated Student Information System a.k.a. AISIS. It’s a digital environment that, true to its name, presents vital student information, such as the IPS, grades, etc. Students mainly use this to enlist in their classes. However, due to its cluttered and unintuitive interface (i.e. miniscule text, hard to press buttons), the enlistment process ends up becoming stressful and overwhelming for students. One way I’d improve AISIS is refreshing its typography system. For me, the currrent font being used, along with its size (especially for body text) isn’t the most readible; as a result, it’s easy to miss classes while enlisting. Improving the typography would definitely make enlistment easier.

# Socsci 12


# Ideas of Modernity

  1. Newer technology
  2. Use of tools to help do work
  3. Exact measurements
  4. Scientific
  5. Global Trade of Spices

# Modernity v.s. Tradition

# Modernity as Inventor of Traditions

# Modernity as Progress

# Economic Processes

# Political Process

# Intellectual Processes

# Modernity as a Myth of Contemporary Europe