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Developh Camp

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

# Foundations

# Identity & Practice

# Tatlong problema ng Pinoy creators

  1. Our work is undervalued
    1. All we do is make things pretty or “aesthetic”
  2. Sometimes, it’s hard to feel your Filipino-ness in your work
    1. We usually use foreign styles, elements, and languages
    2. We measure our excellence in terms of being “world class”, or the ability to gain recognition abroad
    3. What happens to our self-worth?
  3. If Pinoy creatives tend to borrow or copy, how can you truly support their work?
    1. Happens to not just creators, but consumers too
    2. How do we appreciate works that don’t seem “Filipino”?
# Tulak ng Bibig: Pagwika at paglikha
# Paano Unawain ang Likha? Nasa loob ang kulo
# Ang Konteksto ng Paglikha: Panahon at pananaw

# Ethics in Tech & Design