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Demand Curve Growth MOC

Last updated Aug 15, 2023

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# Outline

# Part 1: Growth Fundamentals

  1. Growth Principles
    1. Sources/Demand Curve/What is Growth
    2. Sources/Demand Curve/Why Growth Matters
    3. Sources/Demand Curve/Guiding Principles of How to Approch Growth
    4. Sources/Demand Curve/Common Growth Myths and Misconceptions
  2. Growth Fundamentals
    1. Sources/Demand Curve/The Five Fits Framework
    2. The Growth Funnel and Acquisition Loops
    3. Growth Process

# Part 2: Lay Your Growth Foundation

# 1. Market and Customer Research

# Modules
  1. Sources/Demand Curve/Introduction to Market and Customer Research
  2. Sources/Demand Curve/JBTD Framework
  3. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Determine Your Product’s Job
  4. Sources/Demand Curve/Leveraging Your Market and Customer Research
  5. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Apply Customer Research to Marketing and Product
# Cheat Sheet
# Step 1: Collect customer and market data

To find out what jobs customers are hiring your product for, use a combination of research methods:

  1. Interview users to get deeper insights.
  2. Use surveys to tap into larger audiences.
  3. Do field research to observe real-life behavior.
  4. Analyze your current customer data for trends.
  5. Study your competitors’ products, customers, and reviews.  The most important questions your research should answer:
# Step 2: Leverage your research

Three ways to leverage your research findings:

# Step 3: Improve your marketing and product

Apply your research to your marketing and product using the psych framework.

# 2. Competitor Research

# Modules
  1. Sources/Demand Curve/Introduction to Competitor Research
  2. Sources/Demand Curve/Understanding Your Competitors
  3. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Identify the Right Competitors to Study
  4. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Actually Do Competitor Research
# Cheat Sheet
# Step 1: Identify competitors to study
# Step 2: Grade competitors

Judge which competitors are worth researching based on their quality, rigor, and relevance. Here’s how to judge them.

# Step 3: Collect growth insights

Research competitors’ landing pages, ad channels, and content marketing for growth insights.

# 3. Value Props & Messaging

# 4. Branding

  1. Sources/Demand Curve/Introduction to Branding
  2. Sources/Demand Curve/Why Brand Matters for Growth
  3. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Define Your Brand
  4. Sources/Demand Curve/Examples of Strong Branding

# 5. Revenue and Pricing Models

  1. Sources/Demand Curve/Introduction to Revenue and Pricing Models
  2. Sources/Demand Curve/Pricing Overview
  3. Sources/Demand Curve/What to Charge For
  4. Sources/Demand Curve/How to Charge
  5. Sources/Demand Curve/How Much to Charge
  6. Sources/Demand Curve/Pricing Bonus Tactics
  7. Demand Curve - Model-market Fit
  8. Demand Curve - Model-product Fit
  9. Demand Curve - Model-channel Fit

# Part 3: Develop Your Acquisition Strategy

# Glossary